Jenni Kotting, PhD

Communications Director

Jenni Kotting, PhD joined the National Public Education Support Fund as Communications Director in November 2018, bringing a decade of Communications strategy and advocacy experience in collaboratively producing strategic messaging, branding, and innovative media. She defended her PhD in Cultural Geography in 2012, and her academic background grounds her larger commitment for racial, reproductive, and youth justice with a focus on amplifying the voices of those who have been oppressed. She has served as Communications Director for the University YMCA – UIUC, a nonprofit that connects a variety of student groups to social justice activism around environmentalism, immigration, labor, sustainability, and interfaith alliance, and more recently as Communications Director for the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health with an emphasis on youth-adult communication and comprehensive sex education in K-12 schools, and most recently as Communications Director for the National Network of Abortion Funds working to change the conversation and shift cultural narratives through strategic communications and heart-to-heart conversations. Follow @jkotting on Twitter.

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