The Partnership for the Future of Learning is dedicated to an affirmative, evidence-based vision of a remodeled education system.

The Partnership for the Future of Learning emerged organically out of a EFSG working group and has evolved into a growing network of thought leaders, educators, advocates and funders. Since 2015, the Partnership has coalesced around a powerful vision and set of values.

The Partnership network is dedicated to an affirmative, evidence-based vision of a remodeled education system where:

  1. Learning is meaningful. Students achieve deeper learning outcomes through student-centered approaches and structures.
  2. Public education is modernized. Schools and public systems are renovated and resourced to deliver meaningful learning for every student, readying all for effective participation in a diverse democracy and evolving economy.
  3. Communities and educators are powerful. Local communities, students and educators have voice in shaping and governing their education systems, so that public schools are reaffirmed as essential and strong cornerstones of every community.



The Partnership is animated by three interrelated strategies:

  • Shared Story – Actively aligning, adjudicating, strategizing, and consolidating around shared narratives, framing, and storytelling that could have enough force to break through the noise of the near future and inject a bold, affirmative, equity-driven agenda for the future of learning;
  • Shared Policy – Illuminating and advancing evidence-based policies to rebuild public education;
  • Key Places –  Engaging, learning, and supporting policy and story efforts in states, systems, districts, and communities that show modernization in action. Current efforts are in California, New Hampshire.

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Who We Work With


2018 Steering Committee Partners

  • Shaun Adamec, Adamec Communications
  • Evelyn Aissa, Reaching Higher New Hampshire
  • Gregg Behr, Grable Foundation
  • Daaiyah Bilal-Threats, NEA
  • Renee Blahuta, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Allison Brown, Communities for Just Schools Fund
  • Linda Darling-Hammond, Learning Policy Institute
  • Nick Donohue, Nellie Mae Education Foundation
  • Roberta Furger, Learning Policy Institute
  • Dmitri Holtzman, Center for Popular Democracy
  • Kent McGuire, Hewlett Foundation
  • Sanjiv Rao, Ford Foundation
  • David Rattray, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Kwesi Rollins, Institute for Educational Leadership
  • Warren Simmons, National Education Policy Center
  • Gloria Totten, Public Leadership Institute

Consulting Partners

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