The Education Justice Network works with research, policy, and organizing institutions with a shared commitment to public education as an engine of equity and justice.

The Education Justice Network works with six research, policy, and organizing institutions with a shared vision and commitment to public education as an engine of equity and justice, and the foundation for a vibrant democracy, thriving communities and healthy economies.  EJN contributes to the education justice movement by democratizing ideas, research and evidence in ways that bridge expert and local knowledge and create knowledge tools that are useful to the field’s diverse sectors. EJN aims to help achieve the following conditions required for education justice:

  • Strong relationships among community activists, educators, researchers, policy engineers and policy advocates that enable them to use research to strategically align, reinforce, and amplify their individual education justice work.
  • An infrastructure that strengthens the capacity of key actors/groups in the education justice field to engage in joint evidence-based work that advances education justice.
  • Increased accessibility of evidence and data to diverse actors in the field that informs persuasive arguments and helps build consensus for policy and practice reform.
  • Overarching coherence that links often fragmented efforts and action to achieve specific reforms (e.g., deeper learning, more and better learning time, reciprocal accountability, community schools, restorative justice etc.) and unites disparate community activists/advocates, researchers, policy engineers, policy advocates.
  • A powerful and unified voice advancing educational justice that shapes the thinking and action of education influencers both inside the education system and in policymaking domains.
  • A new narrative about education justice that places specific education policy issues in a compelling evidence-based framework that moves hearts and minds beyond the current group of like-minded allies.

EJN members are working together on research and communications plans to build on and amplify their collective intellectual capital in such critical areas as reimagining public education systems, strengthening community schools, and advancing finance equity.

Who We Work With

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