NPESF’s Strategic Planning Process has begun.


NPESF is embarking on a strategic planning process with Education First.

NPESF is seeking to define the organization’s strategic direction and impact it wants to achieve, working with and across NPESF’s networks to create greater organizational coherence and impact. NPESF intends to define the high-level strategies and internal organizational capacity necessary for success.

Before the end of 2019, all NPESF networks received a letter describing how in the coming year, NPESF will be working to clarify and build our role and impact in education and policy as we further develop and operationalize a racial equity approach within the organizational structures and activities. In the process, we’ll be instituting a business and staffing model that will ensure sustainability of the organization now and into the future.

This strategic planning process will include examination of the mission, vision, and values of NPESF; theory of change; and theory of action. The process began this month and will continue through August. This process will include a series of interviews with a cross section of funders and partners, a survey, and virtual focus groups.

Due to this process and the current public health crisis, NPESF and its networks may have some necessary changes in timing this year. However, this process couldn’t be more timely and advantageous considering our present day challenges. If called upon to participate in this process, we hope you are able to contribute. Your voice and perspective as members and partners of NPESF is more critical than ever as we deal in the present and plan our future. 

Read more on our vision of unity in this Letter from Frank L. Gettridge, Executive Director.

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