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Kent McGuire

Board Chair

Barbara Chow

Board Treasurer

Na’ilah Suad Nasir

Board Secretary

Daniel Leeds

Board Member

Governor Bob Wise

Board Member

Anthony Tellish

Senior Director of Operations and Organizational Effectiveness

Jennifer Cleghorn

Senior Director of Strategy and Special Initiatives

Emma Langsner

Network Coordinator

Margarette Williams

Executive Assistant

Lexus Whitfield

Network Coordinator

Tejeswara Reddy

Grants Coordinator

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School infrastructure should be treated as a human rights issue.

New article in Prism authored by Frank L. Gettridge: “Beyond the legislation, addressing current disparities in education infrastructure will require policy leadership at all levels, and an intentional focus on our most marginalized youth. Also necessary is a focus on updating technology, including increasing broadband access, improving remote learning, and… More

Education Ambassadors call on candidates to commit to comprehensive vision for universal access to learning

As the November election approaches and too many students still don’t have access to the high-quality education they deserve, a new coalition of education equity leaders is calling for action to create a comprehensive and more inclusive education system. Education 2020 (ED 2020), a coalition of organizations representing educators, parents,… More

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