Education Funder Strategy Group


The Education Funder Strategy Group (EFSG) was launched in May 2009 to harness the power of foundations. Since its founding, the group has developed from an information-sharing forum into a powerful learning community that now includes 30 foundations focused on education at all different stages of the learning continuum, from preschool and early learning to K-12 to college and career.

Our Mission

The Education Funder Strategy Group (EFSG) is a membership forum of 30 leading foundations focused on education policy. Our mission is to help maximize philanthropy’s effectiveness in improving U.S. public education systems across the learning continuum from early childhood to college and career. Now in its fourth year, our continuing goals are to:

  • Provide a high-value learning community for foundations to interact and learn from each other;

  • Facilitate communication with key policymakers and thought leaders;

  • Provide a platform for funders and policymakers to learn from high-performing, high-equity education systems internationally and domestically; and

  • Increase the aggregate impact of the group by facilitating working groups and partnerships on priority issues for education policy and philanthropy.

Strategic Priorities

EFSG provides a platform for participating foundations to consider key drivers for systemic improvement in student learning and outcomes. Based on input from EFSG members and thought leaders in the field, our strategic priorities include:

  • Building capacity and equity into the system to fully serve all students, especially our most vulnerable and under-served learners.

  • Supporting effective teaching and leadership at every level of the system.

  • Implementing the Common Core state standards, including professional development and supports such as aligned assessments and learning tools.

  • Advancing the vision and values for a 21st century learning that prepares all students for college, career, citizenship, and life-long learning in today’s rapidly changing world.

  • Strengthening the public commitment to public education for all children as a national priority for the future of our democracy and economy.

Core Activities

The Education Funder Strategy Group convenes quarterly meetings in Washington, DC with top policy makers and participating funders to exchange expertise and ideas on reform priorities. It provides members with regular policy updates and analyses and holds monthly conference calls to discuss federal education policy initiatives. It organizes seminars and site visits to top-performing education systems around the world to provide funders and U.S. policymakers with a window on international best practices. We also promote collaboration by facilitating working groups focused on areas of high interest among multiple funders including implementation of college and career state standards and new models of learning.

If you are interested in learning more about the Education Funder Strategy Group, we invite you to contact us to set up an informational conversation.